/ (ˌkɑːrəˈkiːə) /

  1. NZ a prayer

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How to use karakia in a sentence

  • The brahma answers almost to the Maori karakia or incantation and charm.

  • He came on, mumbling and grumbling a perfectly unintelligible karakia or incantation.

    Old New Zealand | Earl of Pembroke.
  • He assumes the shape of any animal at will, or flies in the air, all by virtue of the karakia or incantation.

  • The word karakia which Heke made use of does not mean prayer as we understand that word.

    Old New Zealand | Earl of Pembroke.
  • With much solemn karakia and propitiatory sacrifice, they tremblingly crept into the precincts of the bay.

    Brighter Britain! (Volume 1 of 2) | William Delisle Hay