[ kuh-roon, kah- ]


  1. a river in SW Iran, flowing SW to the Shatt-al-Arab. About 515 miles (830 km) long.

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Example Sentences

A4 involved Karun being marooned in Bandra by accident, not design.

How would I lead Sarita and Jaz (who had by now teamed up) to Karun?

I noticed that my three main characters, Sarita, Karun and Jaz, formed a trinity just like Vishnu, Shiva, and Devi.

I rejected possibility B1 (Karun awaiting them) almost immediately: the mystery of his disappearance needed to be prolonged.

Possibility A1 was that Karun, being a scientist, needed protection, so the institute squirreled him away there.

Gipuyayan ku sa mga bag-ung kwarta karun, The new type of notes issued recently look funny to me.

The running water, to be sure, was here, and had already begun to carry the barge down the Karun.

He had even postponed his voyage down the Karun long enough to make one more journey overland to Bala Bala.

This second meeting took place in the Karun, as before, but at a point some fifty or sixty miles below Bund-i-Kir.

Ikay nagsanggat sa tagà; karun ikay tangtang, You let the hook snag so you get it loose.