[ kash-meer-ee, kazh- ]


, plural Kash·mir·is, (especially collectively) Kash·mir·i.
  1. a native or inhabitant of Kashmir.
  2. the Indo-Iranian language of the Kashmiri.


  1. of or relating to Kashmir or its people.

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Example Sentences

As a polyglot child, watching her relatives neglect Kashmiri bothered Malik-Moraleda.

One salient example was Ilyas Kashmiri, one of the highest-ranking al Qaeda commanders.

Compare the British pillory of Tebbit with the reaction in India to the Kashmiri students.

One was a Kashmiri, the other a Pashtun; neither had met a Jew in his life.

The death of bin Laden, Kashmiri, and now Attiyah leave the Al Qaeda core in Pakistan badly wounded.

Adds a European intelligence officer: “Kashmiri is the most important guy linking al Qaeda with Western recruits.”

Every Kashmiri still carries one of these kangris, as the most economical way of keeping himself warm.

In fact he was only curious to see how far a Kashmiri beggar's audacity would carry him.

And yet—how had that horrible old Kashmiri beggar come all these hundreds of miles from his native haunts?

The Kashmiri historians speak of Lalitaditya's "conquering the world," and mix up much fable with fact.

The Kashmiri is an intelligent and clever carpenter, though in accordance with his character he lacks accuracy and finish.





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