or ca·this·ma

[ Greek kah-theez-mah; English ka-thiz-muh ]
/ Greek ˈkɑ θiz mɑ; English kæˈθɪz mə /

noun, plural ka·this·ma·ta or ca·this·ma·ta [Greek kah-theez-mah-tah; English ka-thiz-muh-tuh] /Greek kɑˈθiz mɑ tɑ; English kæˈθɪz mə tə/.

one of the 20 divisions of the Psalter in the Greek rite.

Origin of kathisma

1850–60; < Medieval Greek, Greek káthisma “seat,” from kathízein “to sit down” (equivalent to kat- kat- + hízein “to set, sit”; see sit1) + -isma -ism
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Examples from the Web for kathisma

  • Above is another representation of the imperial family in their Kathisma.

    Constantinople|William Holden Hutton