or Kat·man·du

[ kaht-mahn-doo, kat-man- ]


  1. a city in and the capital of Nepal, in the central part.

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Example Sentences

A month earlier, Bishnu sat with her in the crowded two-bedroom apartment that they share with their 25-year-old son in Kathmandu’s Baluwatar neighborhood.

Food costs five times what it does in Kathmandu because of the remoteness of the area and health facilities are scant.

From Time

If you’ve lost your mother, then Mother’s Day in Nepal involves a pilgrimage to a pond, Mata Tirtha, in Kathmandu.

From Ozy

The capital city of Kathmandu is now under strict lockdown, but fears are growing that the border city of Nepalgunj, where thousands of migrant workers from India have returned to, could explode with cases.

In Kathmandu, many people wear masks, and life mostly goes on as usual.

Later, in Kathmandu at a reception feting her fourth summit, Lakpa tried to mask the bruises with pancake makeup.

Around the same time, she met an American mountaineer at the Rum Doodle, a bar in Kathmandu.

They died in a storm, and Bradey reached Kathmandu reeling from grief.

Yeah, like Kathmandu and Monte Carlo, Maine and Monrovia, Harold had been to Vegas before.

The pride of Kathmandu is a cross-country skier named — I kid you not — Sherpa.

He also says, that the Raja was carried to Kathmandu, where he died after some confinement.

They were said to be brought from the mountains in the vicinity of Kathmandu.

Over the Bicharis of Kathmandu is a chief called Ditha, who does not try causes, but watches over the conduct of the court.

The plain is bounded on the west by the Arun, and is not quite so cool as Kathmandu, nor is it fully cleared.

It contains about 12,000 houses, mostly occupied by Newars, and is built of brick like Kathmandu.