or Ka·tey

[ key-tee ]


  1. a female given name, form of Katherine or Catherine.

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Example Sentences

Twelve-year-old Katie says, “I would take part in the trials if it was okay with my parents.”

Emma Bardon wanted to know if her child, Katie, would get the same dose of vaccine that an adult might.

For Sarah’s first five years and the birth of daughter Katie, they worked the ranch of Brandon’s family in west Texas, raising cotton, handling cattle.

“I just could not get myself up,” Katie mumbled, shutting her eyes.

At that moment, Katie’s most immediate concerns were leading the RoboKnights, her robotics team, to glory and figuring out where she was going to college.

My sisters Sarah and Katie inspired the female dynamics in the film.

When he left to join the Spanish-American War, Katie kept a picture of him on a locket around her neck.

Dr. Katherine (Katie) Mack is a theoretical astrophysicist at Melbourne University and has written for Slate, Time, and elsewhere.

Another, founded by Katie Packer Gage herself, WWP Strategies, pulled in $5.5 million that election.

Staff writers Steve Contorno and Katie Sanders contributed to this report.

Poor Queeker said this and shook hands with as much earnestness as if he had not seen Katie for five years.

“You are very complimentary,” said Katie, with a glance at her cousin, which threw that young lady into silent convulsions.

Billy Towler,” exclaimed Katie, with animation; “yes, I remember; you are right in expecting me to be interested in him.

You did,” replied Katie with a slight frown, “and I hope you have come to apologise for your naughty conduct.

And so,” said Katie, still keeping up her fictitious indignation, “you come to beg money from me?