[kuh-zan for 1, 3; for 1 also kuh-zahn; for 2 also Russian kuh-zahn]
  1. E·li·a [ih-lahy-uh, eel-yuh] /ɪˈlaɪ ə, ˈil yə/, 1909–2003, U.S. film and stage director and novelist, born in Turkey.
  2. a city in and capital of the Tatar Autonomous Republic in the SE Russian Federation in Europe, near the Volga River.
  3. a river in S Nunavut, Canada, flowing N and NE to Baker Lake. 455 miles (732 km) long.


[tah-ter-stan, ‐stahn]
  1. Republic of, an autonomous republic in central Russia on the E European Plain, at the confluence of the Volga and Kama rivers. 26,192 sq. mi. (67,836 sq. km). Capital: Kazan.
Formerly Tatar Autonomous Republic.
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  1. a city in W Russia, capital of the Tatar Autonomous Republic on the River Volga: capital of an independent khanate in the 15th century; university (1804); a major industrial centre. Pop: 1 108 000 (2005 est)


  1. Elia (ˈiːljə), real name Elia Kazanjoglous 1909–2003, US stage and film director and writer, born in Turkey. His films include Gentleman's Agreement (1947) and On the Waterfront (1954) for both of which he won Oscars, and East of Eden (1955).
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