[ kahr-nee ]


  1. Philip, 1814–62, U.S. general.
  2. a city in NE New Jersey, near Newark.

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Example Sentences

With the help of state funds, San Diego bought a Mission Valley hotel for $67 million, and another similar property in Kearny Mesa.

Under the deal, Neil would return $1 million he collected in fees for brokering the purchase of the Mission Valley hotel for $67 million, and another in Kearny Mesa, during the summer of 2020.

He then recommended the commission purchased the Mission Valley and Kearny Mesa hotels and negotiated the commission’s purchases.

Despite a statewide requirement that children wear masks in schools, six students showed up at Innovations Academy in Kearny Mesa without a mask — and told school leaders they had no intention of putting one on.

It completed a $10 million construction project at Montgomery Field, the city-owned airport in Kearny Mesa, and approved a $16 million redevelopment of the airport with a new 40-year lease, for instance.

Peace was declared after several battles, and Kearny acted as governor of the new territory, displacing Fremont.

General Kearny was sent out with what was called the "army of the west," to assist Fremont and Stockton in settling the trouble.

About this time Federal reinforcements of Reno and Kearny reached the field.

The movement, however, was anticipated by Pope, and the divisions of Stevens and Kearny were sent to check it.

Stockton, ignoring Kearny, commissioned Frmont military commandant and governor.