/ (ˈkiːnə) /

  1. Canadian informal a person, esp a student, who is keen, enthusiastic, or zealous

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How to use keener in a sentence

  • In fattest peace times, I never saw a keener, happier looking lot.

  • Perception is keener, memory more definite, feeling more intense.

    John Dewey's logical theory | Delton Thomas Howard
  • He was suddenly aware, as he talked to her later, of a keener edge to his appreciation of the charm of Alicia Livingstone.

    Hilda | Sarah Jeanette Duncan
  • For Members opposite interest in Peterhead Harbour growing keener and more urgent.

  • Had the sister ships been simply sailing boat against boat, they could not have carried on a keener duel.

    Yachting Vol. 2 | Various.