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[Sephardic Hebrew kuh-hee-lah; Ashkenazic Hebrew kuh-hil-uh]
noun, plural ke·hil·loth, ke·hil·lot, ke·hil·los [Sephardic Hebrew kuh-hee-lawt; Ashkenazic Hebrew kuh-hil-oht, -ohs] /Sephardic Hebrew kə hiˈlɔt; Ashkenazic Hebrew kəˈhɪl oʊt, -oʊs/.
  1. the organization of the Jewish population of a community that deals with charities and other communal affairs.
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Origin of kehillah

First recorded in 1880–85, kehillah is from the Hebrew word qəhillāh community
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Historical Examples

  • Gradually their numbers increased until they formed a band of associates (Chebel), or Levitical guild (Kehillah).

    History of the Jews, Vol. I (of 6)

    Heinrich Graetz