/ (ˈkɜːmə) /

  1. physics the quotient of the sum of the initial kinetic energies of all the charged particles liberated by indirectly ionizing radiation in a volume element of a material divided by the mass of the volume element. The SI unit is the gray

Origin of kerma

C20: k (inetic) e (nergy) r (eleased per unit) ma (ss)

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How to use kerma in a sentence

  • The river railway had now been carried from Wady Halfa to kerma, above the third cataract.

  • From Kosheh to kerma, the first Dervish position, the distance by river is 127 miles.

    The River War | Winston S. Churchill
  • The extension of the line from Kosheh to kerma was therefore of vital importance.

    The River War | Winston S. Churchill
  • It was resolved to attack the Dervish position at kerma at dawn.

    The River War | Winston S. Churchill
  • El Kheir was defeated, and fixed his advanced camp at kerma.