[ kech-i-kan ]


  1. a seaport in SE Alaska: transportation and communications center.

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Example Sentences

As a result of the collision between Sullivan’s plane and the Taquan plane, a group of 14 Ketchikan commercial operators — including Taquan — modified their voluntary safety measures and agreed to equip all of their aircraft with full ADS-B systems.

Another commercial carrier, Taquan Air, was flying one of its own airplanes, also on a flightseeing tour, back to Ketchikan.

He grew up in Ketchikan and had been flying in the area for more than 17 years.

On a clear day in May 2019, the tourist season was just starting up in Ketchikan, Alaska, a southeastern city of 8,000 that had become a cruise ship hot spot.

Upon its surface is held many a local speed contest, and the annual power boat race is run from Ketchikan, Alaska, to Seattle.

Until I saw the swarming waters of that creek of Ketchikan, my mind had failed to comprehend the fatuity of these fish.

There are seven salmon canneries in operation which are tributary to Ketchikan.

I have been to Alaska three times, but I've never seen Ketchikan.

Two members were dragged to death behind an automobile at Ketchikan, Alaska.