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[ kee-bawrd ]


  1. the row or set of keys on a piano, organ, or the like:

    I was playing piano before my feet could reach the pedals or my fingers could cover a chord on the keyboard.

  2. a set of keys, usually arranged in tiers, for operating a typewriter, computer, cash register, or the like, or a digital representation of the same on a touchscreen used to type on a device such as a smartphone or tablet:

    I spilled coffee on my keyboard, and now the return key sticks so my documents are full of extra line breaks.

  3. any of various musical instruments played by means of a pianolike keyboard, as a piano, electric piano, or organ:

    You basically need four people to start a rock band—someone on lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, and keyboard.

verb (used with or without object)

  1. Also key in. to enter (data) into a computer by means of a keyboard:

    If you can get changes keyboarded by Monday, we should still be able to make the project deadline.

  2. to set (text) in type, using a machine that is operated by a keyboard.


/ ˈkiːˌbɔːd /


    1. a complete set of keys, usually hand-operated, as on a piano, organ, typewriter, or typesetting machine
    2. ( as modifier )

      a keyboard instrument

  1. often plural a musical instrument, esp an electronic one, played by means of a keyboard


  1. to set (a text, etc) in type, onto magnetic tape, or into some other medium, by using a keyboard machine

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Derived Forms

  • ˈkeyˌboarder, noun

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Other Words From

  • key·board·er key·board·ist noun
  • re·key·board verb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of keyboard1

First recorded in 1810–20; key 1 + board

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Example Sentences

Often it is easier and faster to type on a full size keyboard when responding to customer requests.

It is WAnon, because W is even farther to the right than Q on your sacred canvas, the computer keyboard.

Sure, there will still be hands-on keyboards, but it will be less so.

From Digiday

These days, the internet is a big help — you can learn a lot from the comfort of your keyboard.

If a hurricane is about to create havoc in your community, don’t just fill sandbags, hit your keyboard and use open-source technologies to not only help your community, but to scale solutions to help others.

The general public has never paid much attention to his music, but other pianists know what this man can do at the keyboard.

The boxes are not arranged alphabetically, and a printer learns the case as one learns the typewriter keyboard.

Like his three brothers, Art, the Nevilles' keyboard player, has his thing on the side—the Meters, the band he took to Europe.

Art led the family starship on keyboard and did his own good share of singing.

Carroll talks to me over the sound of an organ projecting from a Yamaha keyboard.

The keyboard had eleven, twelve, even thirteen keys in diatonic succession without semitones.

Depression of these key-touches brought different combinations of stops into use on the keyboard above which they were placed.

Some fine effects could be produced by this, but of course the whole keyboard was affected and only chords could be played.

These pistons were placed below the keyboard whose stops they affected.

It is now becoming more and more common to arrange for the transference of stops from one keyboard to another.


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