Keystone State


  1. Pennsylvania (used as a nickname).

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Example Sentences

Pennsylvania is purple personified, and Republican Gov. Tom Corbett is collapsing in the Keystone State.

They are the aforementioned Keystone State along with Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Virginia.

The Keystone State has long been considered one of the crucial swing states up for grabs this year.

We have Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and now the good old Keystone State.

The Keystone State might be a little more up for grabs than Democrats would like to think.

The Keystone State, as beseems her, heads the line by the left flank.

But Bok's personal acquaintance with legislators in his Keystone State helped here materially.

The tallest tree standing is the "Keystone State," three hundred and twenty-five feet high and forty-five feet in circumference.

There he hid in a stable until Tuesday afternoon at six o'clock, when he secreted himself on board the Keystone State.

Then, in the great "keystone State" of Georgia, came deliberation and momentous debate.





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