kick out

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verb (tr, adverb)
informal to eject or dismiss
basketball (of a player who has dribbled towards the basket) to pass the ball to a player further away from the basket
noun kickout
basketball an instance of kicking out the ball
(in Gaelic football) a free kick to restart play after a goal or after the ball has gone out of play
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kick out


Also, boot out. Throw out, dismiss, especially ignominiously. For example, George said they'd been kicked out of the country club, or The owner booted them out of the restaurant for being loud and disorderly. This idiom alludes to expelling someone with a kick in the pants. [Late 1600s]


Supply, especially in a sorted fashion, as in The bureau kicked out the precise data for this month's production. [Slang; late 1900s]

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