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kick off


  1. to start play in a game of football by kicking the ball from the centre of the field
  2. informal.
    to commence a discussion, job, etc


    1. a place kick from the centre of the field in a game of football
    2. the time at which the first such kick is due to take place

      kickoff is at 2.30 p.m

  1. informal.
    1. the beginning of something
    2. to begin with
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Example Sentences

Case in point Tuesday's White Cube kick-off party at Soho House and Le Baron at the Florida Room Delano last night.

Prince William presented medals to the 150 football volunteers before kick-off.

On Thursday, Ray hosts the Burger Bash, the kick-off—and high point—of the South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

Nicole LaPorte checks in from Park City, Utah on the eve of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival's official kick-off.

Following the kick-off, the battle raged uncertainly in the middle of the field.

But now, with the game actually begun, the splendid kick-off gave Lakeville's captain hope.

Im working on a plan that will, I think, produce more certainty of result to the kick-off.

But in the furious battle that developed from the kick-off, it was evident that the "Maroons" were very lively corpses.

With the new kick-off, however, there is certainly an excellent chance for a return kick.