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kick out


  1. informal.
    to eject or dismiss
  2. basketball (of a player who has dribbled towards the basket) to pass the ball to a player further away from the basket


  1. basketball an instance of kicking out the ball
  2. (in Gaelic football) a free kick to restart play after a goal or after the ball has gone out of play
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Example Sentences

Eventually, Weirich had to kick out her jacuzzi and plants from her sunroom, where she now holds court.

They see this, and they want to take over the business and kick out the westerners.

My father was not inclined to stay on, but he thought we might get a kick out of it.

Seaman got a kick out of his job, taking special pleasure in the arbitrary deployment of his powers.

I think she gets a kick out of how much the press talks about it.

The latter trod on the toes of the former, whereupon the former threatened to "kick out of the cabin" the latter.

The stone whizzed, and striking the horse on the hind quarters, caused that quadruped to kick out wildly.

There is no moon now, and it will be dark as pitch, so that if we kick out his lantern he would be unable to follow us.

You always begin to shy and kick out like one of those old mules when I begin talking to you like this.

He started the motor again, twisted the steering wheel, and the legs began to kick out.





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