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[ kidz ]


  1. the plural of kid 1.

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Example Sentences

That plan would deposit cash totaling $3600 a year per child to those with kids under 6 and $3000 a year to those with kids ages 6 to 18.

From Time

Before you decide to join the cool kids club, you might want to consider who will see you there, even if you take every available measure to keep your contacts private.

From Vox

Talking about the scary issues directly can help give our kids agency and feel a little more in control.

The ClosetMaid eight-tier, 18-inch-wide wall mount or over-the-door storage solution is perfect for organization in the kitchen, laundry room, kids room, and other places around your home.

Group lessons for kids age five and older won’t be available this year.

He looks like a man who should have had kids, but now never will.

Parents are talking about it, schools are talking about it, even kids themselves are talking about it.

Meanwhile two kids were taken from their mother when she flew back to the UK from Turkey.

His wife passed away and they had kids, and he wanted to focus on being a dad so he just stopped to raise his kids.

One of the kids had a ball in his hand, and Cuomo took it and tossed it back and forth to an eight year old.

Remove out of the midst of Babylon, and go forth out of the land of the Chaldeans: and be ye as kids at the head of the flock.

I got his affidavit, and we parted the best of friends, he urging me to call at his shanty and see Mary Jane and the kids.

Some of the orphan kids visited me and I got them to bring my little set of drawing tools.

I mean we were all there with the kids with the same problems, same age groups, and everything.

We all talked German, including the kids,—three of them, fascinating little fellows.