kaif, keef, kef or kief

/ (kɪf, kiːf) /

  1. another name for marijuana

  2. any drug or agent that when smoked is capable of producing a euphoric condition

  1. the euphoric condition produced by smoking marijuana

Origin of kif

C20: from Arabic kayf pleasure

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How to use kif in a sentence

  • The Arab smokes kif also, a concoction whose iniquitous effects are only equalled by those of the state-protected opium of Bengal.

  • These voluptuous epicurean Arabs smoke kif, not surreptitiously, but guiltily.

  • One finds the kif shops at every little village en route, often where he will not even find a caf maure.

  • "But kif me the ledder," said the German gentleman, holding out his hand toward Coconnas, who hesitated.

    Marguerite de Valois | Alexandre Dumas
  • Any koot zinger can zing a peautiful zong and kif bleasure, I zubboce!

    Trilby | George Du Maurier