[ kin-keyd ]


  1. Jamaica, born 1949, West Indian novelist and short-story writer.

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Example Sentences

Despite losing the debate over books, opponents claimed a major victory that year when Kincaid, Granbury’s librarian, resigned.

Kincaid, who faced additional harassment following her departure from Hood County, declined an interview.

While new maps were drawn, the Fair Lines America Foundation, also led by Kincaid, had been suing for information on how the census results were completed, and whether people census-takers weren't able to find were added to the count.

What surrounds Corporal Kincaid is a compelling portrait of a family in crisis.

What gives Corporal Kincaid his outsider status is his war experience.

Early on, Oates establishes a parity between Cressida and Corporal Kincaid that runs the course of the narrative.

See Now Then by Jamaica Kincaid  As years go by, a domestic idyll turns dark.

She also studied with the playwright Adrienne Kennedy, the filmmaker Isaac Julien, and the novelist Jamaica Kincaid.

I showed Mr. Kincaid your letter; and he has published an edition here, of a thousand, which go off very well.

John Kincaid, of Warriston, was by way of being one of Edinburgh's notables.

Thence the pair proceeded to the room in which John Kincaid was lying asleep.

He was willing to bear the blame until Kincaid should have ample time to disappear.

It was needful only that he should know where to find Farley when Kincaid should have squared his account.