[ kahyn-duh ]


, Informal.
  1. kind of; rather:

    The movie was kinda boring.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of kinda1

A phonetic spelling representing the pronunciation of kind of in continuous rapid speech

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Example Sentences

Some people find it kinda cool when they’re in line at the 7-Eleven behind someone they saw on C-SPAN.

It’s surprising it comes together at all — there’s no way the slapstick of Goofy should work with the creepiness of Marley’s ghost, but it kinda does — but it’s always hampered by being a Disney production first and a Dickens adaptation second.

From Vox

It’s kinda perfect she is starring in a Lifetime Christmas movie – her real life is just as romantic.

It’s not easy to raise that kinda capital, he said, while you’re working other jobs and pressed for time, but the people closest to the community can nonetheless make a real difference in people’s lives.

VOSD host Scott Lewis kinda cheated toward the end of the draft.

I ended up developing a blister on one of my vocal cords, so that kinda sucked.

My wife was talking to her on the phone, and I just kinda found the courage to ask her.

Koenig proceeds to deliver her deeply conflicted, sorta-kinda support for Adnan.

“Race, class, gender, sexuality, our show kinda lives on the edge of all those questions,” Washington says.

On August 17, just a few weeks before the fall campaign iced off, he had to go on national TV to offer a mea kinda sorta culpa.

She said she was, but she started awful slow, and kinda peered back, and up to the hall.

I put down my haid, and was just kinda dragged up the aisle and onto the platform.

Next thing, he borraed my gun and just kinda happened over towards the pay-car.

But here lately we been havin trouble and I kinda got used to havin one along when I go ridin.

Big aerial views of land developments, and drawings of buildings, roads and causeways, that kinda stuff.