[ kin-uhs-thet-ik ]
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  1. Psychology, Physiology. having to do with movement or sensation, especially within the body:One quintessential spa experience was to go back and forth from the scalding hot pool to the ice cold pool, sending your body into a heightened kinesthetic state.

  2. needing to move: Some teachers feel that their most energetic and distractible students are actually kinesthetic learners, who need to get their whole body involved in the learning process.

Origin of kinesthetic

First recorded in 1890–95 as kinæsthetic;kinesthe(sia) + -tic
  • Also especially British, kin·aes·thet·ic .

Other words from kinesthetic

  • kin·es·thet·ic·al·ly; especially British, kin·aes·thet·ic·al·ly, adverb

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