[ king-lee ]
/ ˈkɪŋ li /

adjective, king·li·er, king·li·est.

stately or splendid, as resembling, suggesting, or befitting a king; regal: He strode into the room with a kingly air.
pertaining or proper to a king: kingly power.
having the rank of king.
consisting of kings or others of royal rank: kingly personages.


in the manner of a king; regally.

Origin of kingly

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; see origin at king, -ly


1, 2 princely, sovereign, majestic, august, magnificent, exalted, grand. Kingly, regal, royal refer to that which is closely associated with a king, or is suitable for one. What is kingly may either belong to a king, or be befitting, worthy of, or like a king: a kingly presence, appearance, graciousness. Regal is especially applied to the office of kingship or the outward manifestations of grandeur and majesty: regal authority, bearing, splendor, munificence. Royal is applied especially to what pertains to or is associated with the person of a monarch: the royal family, word, robes, salute; a royal residence.


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British Dictionary definitions for kingly

/ (ˈkɪŋlɪ) /

adjective -lier or -liest

appropriate to a king; majestic


poetic, or archaic in a manner appropriate to a king

Derived forms of kingly

kingliness, noun
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