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  1. Shi·ba·sa·bu·ro [shee-bah-sah-boo-raw] /ʃiˈbɑ sɑˈbu rɔ/, 1852–1931, Japanese bacteriologist.
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  • Kitasato found, however, that it could live in raw milk from one to four days, depending upon the amount of acid present.

    Outlines of Dairy Bacteriology, 8th edition

    H. L. Russell

  • It is caused by a specific bacillus isolated by Kitasato and Yersin in 1894.

  • Kitasato once succeeded in producing the disease in animals by inoculation with dust taken in an infected house.

  • As Mr. Kitasato and I had invited guests that evening, I was present at supper.

  • Finally, Kitasato, in 1889, found a way of obtaining pure cultures of the bacillus.

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(kē′tä-zätō)Shibasaburo 1852-1931
  1. Japanese bacteriologist. Among his achievements are the isolation (1889) of the causative bacillus of tetanus, the development of vaccines to protect against tetanus and anthrax, and the isolation (1894) of the bacillus of bubonic plague.
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