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[ kich-ee ]


  1. tawdry or showy and usually appealing to popular or undiscriminating taste:

    The Old Town district is known for its kitschy souvenirs, artisanal greasy-spoon restaurants, and a complete lack of parking.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of kitschy1

First recorded in 1945–50; kitsch ( def ) + -y 1( def )

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Example Sentences

It probably hasn’t changed much since it opened, so it may appear like a kitschy Tuscan tourist trap at first glance, but the appearance belies the quality of the goods.

From Eater

Nightmare Alley isn’t suitable as a vehicle for kitschy noir nostalgia.

From Time

This compact 44-key keyboard packs kitschy tones and a variety of fun songs.

The magazine itself, a whimsical and kitschy artifact, had a vaguely countercultural bent in the way that everything organized by young people does.

From Vox

The result, like so many student films, tends toward some deeply derivative combination of cheeky, kitschy and surreal—the kind of thing you’d only want to watch if your grade or livelihood depended upon it.

From Time

As a result, Rue des Rosiers houses only a few kosher shops and kitschy delis, mostly dedicated to vistors rather than locals.

What does Soylent have going for it other than missionary zeal and a revoltingly kitschy sci-fi throwback name?

There's so much fun '90s fashion and kitschy cultural references.

Super Bowl Halftime Shows are no longer kitschy theme park spectacles, but bonafide entertainment events.

Brewer's not known for her verbal skills, and her famous debate pause has its place in kitschy political history.

That meant going as touristy as possible—something overpriced and kitschy.


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