[ klebz; German kleyps ]
/ klɛbz; German kleɪps /


Ed·win [ed-win; German et-veen] /ˈɛd wɪn; German ˈɛt vin/, 1834–1913, German pathologist and bacteriologist.
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[ klāps ]
Edwin 1894-1913

German pathologist who described (1883) the causative bacillus of diphtheria, later isolated by Friedrich Löffler.
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[ klāps ]
Edwin 1834-1913

German bacteriologist who described the diphtheria bacillus in 1883 although he did not demonstrate it to be the cause of the disease. It wasn't until a year later that Friedrich Löffler made the causal link between the disease and the bacillus, which is now named after both of them. Klebs also demonstrated the presence of bacteria in infected wounds and showed that tuberculosis can be transmitted through infected milk.
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