[ klee-neks ]

  1. a brand name for a soft, disposable paper tissue, used especially as a handkerchief.


/ ˈkliːnɛks /


  1. a kind of soft paper tissue, used esp as a handkerchief

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Example Sentences

It’s the first foray into the reusable period and incontinence underwear category for the company, which is behind Kleenex tissues, Huggies diapers, and Kotex feminine products.

From Quartz

AvidFor many years, Pro Tools was the “Kleenex” of DAWs, synonymous with recording in pro audio and post-production facilities.

Sustainable Swabs and Tissues LastSwab and LastTissue replace single-use Q-Tips and Kleenex with convenient, washable, good-for-you-and-the-environment stocking stuffers.

Fitbit, on the other hand, gained an advantage as being the Kleenex of step tracking.

Large cardboard boxes of Kleenex, each with 36 tissue boxes, lay open for people to take.

Maybe it held his business cards, Kleenex or his house keys, but one thing was for sure—it was a murse.

To hear Junger talk, ridding oneself of gluten can lead to an entirely new outlook on life—and a lot fewer Kleenex.

Many of my gifts were simple—a phone call, spare change, even a Kleenex.

I bought some Kleenex and came back, and everybody was out on the steps to look, but I didn't stop.

Then he mopped his face with a wad of Kleenex and went over to the room-temperature thermostat, turning it down to sixty.

He wiped his face and blew his nose and squeezed the kleenex tight in his hand.





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