[ nee-deep ]


  1. reaching the knees:

    knee-deep mud.

  2. submerged or covered up to the knees:

    knee-deep in water.

  3. deeply embroiled; enmeshed; involved:

    knee-deep in trouble.



  1. so deep as to reach or cover the knees

    knee-deep mud

  2. postpositiveoften foll byin
    1. sunk or covered to the knees

      knee-deep in sand

    2. immersed; deeply involved

      knee-deep in work

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Word History and Origins

Origin of knee-deep1

First recorded in 1525–35

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Example Sentences

Knee deep in mud, sweat mixing with rain, they forced the Land Rover through the jungle.

They live in humiliating conditions—knee-deep in mud when it rains, unable to go to school or work.

On a good night workers on the staff are knee deep in cash, collecting as much as $70,000 in small bills.

Crushed in the 2012 ground and data game, the GOP has learned its lesson—and is knee deep in Clinton oppo-research.

He advised him to stock up on food and rubber boots for the knee-deep mud trails.

The Colonel is very well, and seems to enjoy plodding knee-deep through the mud in the trenches.

And these sons, the singers, stretched out the fences in their racings; the cows had to walk knee-deep.

In crossing these we went knee-deep, and once waist-deep, into it.

The river Wagwater, which is commonly about knee deep, ran the next morning thirty feet high.

Astern of us, knee-deep in foam, stood the slim column of the Bishop lighthouse, a dark pencil mark on the cloudless sky.





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