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knock back


  1. informal.
    to drink, esp quickly
  2. informal.
    to cost
  3. slang.
    to reject or refuse

    you cannot possibly knock back such an offer

  4. slang.
    to come as an unpleasant surprise to; disconcert


  1. slang.
    a refusal or rejection
  2. slang:prison.
    failure to obtain parole

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Idioms and Phrases

Also, knock it back . Gulp down an alcoholic beverage, as in He knocked back glass after glass of wine , or I hear you've been knocking it back a bit . [First half of 1900s]

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Example Sentences

Occasionally during a block party, Castro would join a few of the residents for a few hours and knock back a couple of beers.

To ignore him was to ignore God and risk a knock back down to the bottom of the karmic ladder.

“People come to knock back good wine and have a good time,” explained Landon Parvin, a much sought-after speechwriter.

There was only one ship in the galaxy that could knock back a blip that big at such a distance.

There is a way around every tabu, knock on wood—but just watch out that the wood doesn't knock back!

Now I don't want to knock back at your country, Mrs. Tasker, but it seems to me that's the English character.


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