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[ nok-doun ]


  1. capable of knocking something down; overwhelming; irresistible:

    a knockdown blow.

  2. constructed in separate parts that can readily be taken apart for easy storage, shipping, etc.:

    a knockdown toolshed.

  3. offered or acquired for less than the prevailing rate:

    first-rate goods at knockdown prices.


  1. a knockdown object.
  2. an act or instance of knocking down, especially by a blow.
  3. something that fells or overwhelms.
  4. reduction or lowering, as in price or number:

    The store offered a knockdown of 15 percent to its own employees.

  5. Slang. an introduction, especially to a person:

    He gave me a real knockdown to the company.

  6. Nautical. the capsizing of a small boat as a result of a strong gust of wind.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of knockdown1

First recorded in 1680–90; adj., noun use of verb phrase knock down

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Example Sentences

I lost my first two races, but I learned that a knockdown is different than a knockout.

From Ozy

Yes, I know they’ve added Sami Whitcomb, that newly acquired Betnijah Laney became a knockdown scorer for Atlanta last year, that Rebecca Allen is expected back and that Sabrina Ionescu is pretty good at the shooting thing, too.

Reinvent cohost Adam Lashinsky describes Lyft as “the company with nine lives” that continuously faces “these knockdown moments” but keeps getting back up.

From Fortune

I bought a number of knockdown chairs in Chicago all made by hand for $125 and sold them for much more.

But—well, I knocked him down on deck a short time back, and the knockdown stands; but they would not allow a finish.

He comes up again after every knockdown, as fresh as a daisy.

Toppy shook his head, like a pugilist clearing his wits after a knockdown.

That pathetic old arm warding him off hurt him more at the core than a knockdown blow from a stronger limb.





knock deadknock-down-drag-out