[ nokt-doun ]


  1. composed of parts or units that can be disassembled:

    knocked-down furniture.

  2. Informal. condensed, abridged, simplified, unadorned, etc.:

    a knocked-down version of a Broadway musical.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of knocked-down1

First recorded in 1770–80
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Example Sentences

This is a guy who was knocked down with a count of 100, and got up.

The big danger then is getting tripped or knocked down by other runners.

And we may be knocked down by force of man or nature, but we will never submit.

Inventories alone knocked down the rate of growth by 1.7 percent.

Changes in private inventories knocked down the rate of economic growth by 1.62 percent in the first quarter.

Those whose hoops had been knocked down assembled on one side, close to the side wicket.

He was knocked down to a tradesman in the same street—twenty-one shillings the price of this door (mock mahogany).

"Repeat, then, your Pater and Ave." Being terrified she hesitated, and was instantly knocked down with a musket.

Frequent contests of this kind occurred; in one of which, during the first day, I was knocked down.

You must defend me if any Genoese towns are knocked down by firing at enemy's batteries.





knock down with a featherknocker