[ not-id ]
/ ˈnɒt ɪd /


having knots; knotty.
tied in or fastened with a knot.
made or ornamented with knots.
Botany. having many nodes or nodelike swellings; gnarled.
Zoology. having one or more swellings; nodose.

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Origin of knotted

First recorded in 1125–75, knotted is from the Middle English word cnotted. See knot1, -ed2, -ed3

Related formswell-knot·ted, adjective


[ not ]
/ nɒt /


verb (used with object), knot·ted, knot·ting.

verb (used without object), knot·ted, knot·ting.

to become tied or tangled in a knot.
to form knots or joints.

Origin of knot

before 1000; (noun) Middle English knot(te), Old English cnotta; cognate with Dutch knot, German knoten to knit; (v.) Middle English, derivative of the noun

Related formsknot·less, adjectiveknot·like, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for knotted


/ (ˈnɒtɪd) /


(of wood, rope, etc) having knots
get knotted! British slang used as a response to express disapproval or rejection


/ (nɒt) /


verb knots, knotting or knotted

Derived Formsknotter, nounknotless, adjectiveknotlike, adjective

Word Origin for knot

Old English cnotta; related to Old High German knoto, Old Norse knūtr


/ (nɒt) /


a small northern sandpiper, Calidris canutus, with a short bill and grey plumage

Word Origin for knot

C15: of unknown origin

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Word Origin and History for knotted
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Medicine definitions for knotted


[ nŏt ]


A compact intersection of interlaced material, as of cord, ribbon, or rope.
A protuberant growth or swelling in a tissue, such as a gland.

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Idioms and Phrases with knotted


see tie into knots; tie the knot.

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