[ kuh-rahn, -ran, kaw-, koh- ]
/ kəˈrɑn, -ˈræn, kɔ-, koʊ- /


the sacred text of Islam, divided into 114 chapters, or suras: revered as the word of God, dictated to Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel, and accepted as the foundation of Islamic law, religion, culture, and politics.
Also Qurʾan.

Origin of Koran

1615–25; < Arabic qur'ān book, reading, akin to qara'a to read, recite


Ko·ran·ic [kuh-ran-ik, kaw-, koh-] /kəˈræn ɪk, kɔ-, koʊ-/, adjectivepre-Ko·ran·ic, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for koran

/ (kɔːˈrɑːn) /


the sacred book of Islam, believed by Muslims to be the infallible word of God dictated to Mohammed through the medium of the angel GabrielAlso: Qur'an

Derived forms of Koran

Koranic, adjective

Word Origin for Koran

C17: from Arabic qur'ān reading, book; related to qara'a to read, recite
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Cultural definitions for koran

[ (kuh-ran, kuh-rahn) ]

The sacred book of Islam. Muslims believe that the teachings of the Koran were revealed by God to the prophet Muhammad.

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