[ kawr-uh-nuh, kohr- for 1; kawr-uh-nah for 2 ]
/ ˈkɔr ə nə, ˈkoʊr- for 1; ˈkɔr əˌnɑ for 2 /


Also krone. a former silver coin and monetary unit of Austria, equal to 100 hellers: discontinued after 1923.



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Origin of korona

variant of krone2
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  • There is, however, no evidence that the Korona de is equivalent to the Mafulu ne.

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  • We intended to put straight out and trust to luck that the Korona, that was about due at St. Pierre, would pick us up.

  • Margaret and Miss King eventually got away on the raft, and were picked up by the steamer Korona.