or coss

[ kohs ]
/ koʊs /

noun, plural kos. (in India)

a unit of land distance of various lengths from 1 to 3 miles (1.6 to 4.8 km).


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Origin of kos

< Hindi ≪ Sanskrit krośa

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or Cos

[ kos, kaws ]
/ kɒs, kɔs /


one of the Greek Dodecanese Islands in the SE Aegean Sea, off the SW coast of Turkey. 111 sq. mi. (287 sq. km).
Italian Coo.

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or K.O., k.o., kay·o

[ noun key-oh, key-oh; verb key-oh ]
/ noun ˈkeɪˈoʊ, ˈkeɪˌoʊ; verb ˈkeɪˈoʊ /

noun, plural KO's.

a knockout in boxing.

verb (used with object), KO'd, KO'ing.

to knock unconscious, especially in a boxing match; knock out.

Origin of KO

First recorded in 1920–25; initial letters of knock out
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/ (kəʊs) /

noun plural kos

an Indian unit of distance having different values in different localities. It is usually between 1 and 3 miles or 1 and 5 kilometresAlso called: coss

Word Origin for kos

from Hindi kōs

British Dictionary definitions for kos (2 of 3)



/ (kɒs) /


an island in the SE Aegean Sea, in the Greek Dodecanese Islands: separated from SW Turkey by the Kos Channel; settled in ancient times by Dorians and became famous for literature and medicine. Pop: 30 947 (2001). Area: 282 sq km (109 sq miles)

British Dictionary definitions for kos (3 of 3)



/ (ˈkeɪˈəʊ) /

verb KO's, KO'ing, KO'd, k.o.'s, k.o.'ing or k.o.'d

a slang term for knock outSee knockout

noun plural KO's or k.o.'s

a slang term for knockout
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