[ kawt-suh-boo ]


  1. Au·gust Frie·drich Fer·di·nand von [ou, -g, oo, st , free, -d, r, i, kh, , fer, -di-nahnt f, uh, n], 1761–1819, German dramatist.

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Example Sentences

In Western Alaska, he said, the department is adding an investigative unit in Bethel and investigators in Nome, Dillingham and Kotzebue.

The NPS recommends starting Noatak trips at the Northwest Arctic Heritage Center in nearby Kotzebue.

“It’s just an easier way to get around when you don’t have a lot of roads,” said Kelli Shroyer, public communications director for the Maniilaq Health Center in Kotzebue, Alaska, where the crew started their journey.

When Sand stabbed Kotzebue, he believed he was punishing and getting rid of an enemy and an obstacle to the welfare of his nation.

Beachey, meanwhile, waited in Kotzebue Sound as long as he dared, and then retreated to Petropavlovok.

From a child of the brain of Kotzebue, trained and corrected by Sheridan, 63 much might be expected.

The house is just round the corner of the Kotzebue, and therefore faces the Saski Gardens—a quiet spot in this most noisy town.

Kotzebue and other travelers say there are no bees in Siberia, but the assertion is incorrect.





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