[koz-lawf, -lof; Russian kuh-zlawf]


Frol R(o·ma·no·vich) [frawl ruh-mah-nuh-vyich] /frɔl rʌˈmɑ nə vyɪtʃ/, 1908–65, Russian government official.
former name of Michurinsk.

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Historical Examples of kozlov

  • Feivke had hardly ever met, or even seen, anyone but the people of Kozlov and their children.

  • Kozlov was a lonely village, far from any Jewish settlement.

  • Listen, you Kozlov urchin, you just keep your hands in your pockets, because Leibrutz is here!

  • He pondered a long while which to choose, and finally made up his mind to take Kozlov's poem, and Roslavlev.

  • They went by the great Kozlov wood, wherein every tree stood silent and sad for its faded and fallen leaves.