Krakatau (ˌkrɑːkəˈtaʊ, ˌkrækəˈtaʊ)

/ (ˌkrɑːkəˈtəʊə, ˌkrækəˈtəʊə) /

  1. a volcanic island in Indonesia, in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra: partially destroyed by its eruption in 1883, the greatest in recorded history. Further eruptions 44 years later formed a new island, Anak Krakatau ("Child of Krakatau"): Also called: Rakata

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How to use Krakatoa in a sentence

  • On Two Fat Ladies she was known as “Krakatoa” for her temper, and once put two would-be muggers in intensive care.

  • A ring came at the bell—Krakatoa had no knocker—and a short colloquy followed between Jane and the ringer.

    Somehow Good | William de Morgan
  • He knew perfectly well that his relations with Krakatoa Villa would not remain the same, say what you might!

    Somehow Good | William de Morgan
  • For the understanding is that these two shall return to Krakatoa Villa, leaving Rosalind to watch with the nurse.

    Somehow Good | William de Morgan
  • Alarming sounds were heard over the island of Timor, one thousand three hundred and fifty-one miles away from Krakatoa.

    Time and Tide | Robert S. (Robert Stawell) Ball
  • There is another and more beautiful manifestation of the world-wide significance of the Krakatoa outbreak.

    Time and Tide | Robert S. (Robert Stawell) Ball