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  1. Karl, 1874–1936, Austrian writer and editor.

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Example Sentences

Nanodiamonds are often produced using explosives, Kraus says.

Nanodiamonds are commonly produced using explosives, Kraus says, a process not easy to control.

This is the first experiment to use iron under pressures that exceed those in Earth’s core, Kraus says.

The team found that “as you increase the pressure, the temperature increases, quite rapidly,” Kraus says.

“While that may sound sort of intuitive,” it wasn’t a given with all the different factors, Kraus says.

Karl Kraus probably would have found me to be pretty smug as well.

I think the Karl Kraus essay was very prophetic in terms of that.

Lewis-Kraus talks about writing the entire first draft of his book on his phone with a little foldable Bluetooth keyboard.

In 2008, Tom Bissell and Gideon Lewis-Kraus went on a trip around Europe.

Lewis-Kraus is a master at it, and so is Bissell, who also has a similarly zeitgeisty book out.

Old Doc Kraus handles the cases for the whole county when they come up.

Then turning again to Doctor Kraus, he said slowly and clearly, enunciating each word with care and precision.

In addition, Doctor Kraus, the poison was administered most carefully and professionally with a hypodermic needle.

As Kraus says, Unripe youth shows a distinct quality in distinguishing good and evil.

Kraus and von Rosthorn have reported some carefully investigated cases of this kind.





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