[ krous; German krous ]


  1. Cle·mens [kley, -mens], 1893–1954, Austrian conductor and pianist.

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Example Sentences

Their friendship began when Krauss, who was chairman of the physics department at Case Western in Cleveland, sought out Epstein.

“I heard Jeffrey was interested in supporting science and I contacted him,” Krauss said.

“It was Stephen Hawking and five other Nobel laureates,” Krauss recalled.

“We talked about the science the whole time the other day,” Krauss told The Daily Beast in a phone interview.

The two strengthened ties over the years and now Krauss considers Epstein a “close” and “considerate” friend.

Nevertheless, it was because it looked so very much like the London branch that it had rasped the nerves of Herr Krauss.

In Krauss (No. 2) the animal which frightens the lion, or rather imposes on his credulity, is an ass.

The following observations are based on the poems published in Krauss' Slavische Volkforschungen.

Mr. Toymaker immediately set out to find his friend, Mr. Krauss, the bookseller.

The Krauss locomotive is of the general type of a tramway locomotive, but with certain specialties of construction.





Krause's corpusclekraut