[ kreeg-speel, -shpeel, kreek- ]
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  1. (sometimes initial capital letter) a game using small figures and counters that represent troops, ships, etc., played on a map or miniature battlefield, developed for teaching military tactics to officers.

  2. a form of chess in which both players see only their own pieces on a board in front of them and must remember the opponent's moves as told to them by a referee who maintains a third board on which the play of both players is shown.

Origin of kriegspiel

1805–15; <German Kriegsspiel, equivalent to Krieg(e)s, genitive of Krieg war + Spiel game

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How to use kriegspiel in a sentence

  • As a gipsy novel, as a novel depicting gipsy life, 'kriegspiel' is unrivalled.

    The Last Stroke | Lawrence L. Lynch
  • Nowhere can fiction p. 364give us one to match her, not even the ‘kriegspiel’ heroine, who touched me to the deeps.

    Theodore Watts-Dunton | James Douglas
  • The northern third of Natal is as vulnerable a military position as a player of kriegspiel could wish to have submitted to him.

    The Great Boer War | Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Each leader assumed that the moves of the kriegspiel had been correctly played and that there was nothing more to be done.

    A Handbook of the Boer War | Gale and Polden, Limited
  • We then proceeded to kriegspiel, according to the mysterious ideas of those in authority over us.

    The World Set Free | Herbert George Wells

British Dictionary definitions for kriegspiel


/ (ˈkriːɡˌspiːl) /

  1. (sometimes capital) a form of war game in which symbols representing military formations are moved about on maps

  2. a variation of chess in which each player has his own board and men and does not see his opponent's board and men. The moves are regulated by an umpire on a third board out of sight of both players

Origin of kriegspiel

C19: from German Kriegsspiel war game

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