[ krawkh ]

  1. (Schack) Au·guste (Steen·berg) [shahk-ou-goost steen-barg], /ˈʃɑk ˈaʊ gʊst ˈstin bærg/, 1874–1949, Danish physiologist: Nobel Prize in Medicine 1920.

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How to use Krogh in a sentence

  • Dean and another panelist, Egil “Bud” Krogh, went to jail in the coverup.

  • Krogh, the old blacksmith, worked away at it till his yellow drooping jaws shook.

    Egholm and his God | Johannes Buchholtz
  • He explained it all, the parts that were there and the rest that should be added as soon as Krogh had got the turbine finished.

    Egholm and his God | Johannes Buchholtz
  • Egholm looked across reproachfully at Krogh, the old blacksmith, who stood on the beach with his jaws drooping as ever.

    Egholm and his God | Johannes Buchholtz
  • Mr. Krogh thought that a conference with the British should first be requested, but no proposals made for the present.

    The Peace Negotiations | J. D. Kestell