[koo-khuh n]


a yeast-raised coffeecake, often containing fruit.

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Origin of kuchen

First recorded in 1850–55, kuchen is from the German word Kuchen cake

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Examples from the Web for kuchen

  • The woman laid a piece of the fresh Sunday Kuchen into his bundle and held it out toward him.

  • When I was cutting you a piece of Kuchen, you would snatch greedily at the crumbs as they fell.

    Ghetto Comedies|Israel Zangwill
  • Many of these things Frau Knapf herself told me, standing there by the door with the Kuchen heavy on her mind.

  • The whole of the table on her right confessed to one Kuchen with their chocolate.

    Pointed Roofs|Dorothy Richardson

British Dictionary definitions for kuchen



a breadlike cake containing apple, nuts, and sugar, originating from Germany

Word Origin for kuchen

German: cake

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