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  1. Margaret Maggie, 1905–95, U.S. activist: a founder of the Gray Panthers.
  2. Rich·ard [rich, -erd, rikh, -ah, r, t], 1900–1967, German chemist, born in Austria: declined 1938 Nobel Prize at insistence of Nazi government.
  3. Thomas Samuel, 1922–96, U.S. writer, historian, and philosopher of science.
  4. Walt, 1877?–1949, U.S. painter.

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Example Sentences

They pose and solve puzzles while collectively interpreting all data within a fixed worldview or theoretical framework, which Kuhn called a paradigm.

“To me, low risk is not the same thing as no risk,” Kuhn said.

Kuhn notes that the Matlab program targeted older women who had already three or four pregnancies, rather than women at the beginning of their childbearing years.

From Time

Kuhn has worked in water management for decades and believes the way we’re currently managing rivers isn’t sustainable and hasn’t been for a while.

Kuhn says he hopes desperation might drive more concession and collaboration than there’s been before.

Thinkers like Kuhn implied that change could come from unlikely quarters.

Among the other candidates are the sons of Ted Turner and Strom Thurmond, as well as an ambitious former state senator, John Kuhn.

Kuhn-Rikon Egg Separator  Frankly, as far as egg separators go, all you really need is this model.

Problem is, Kuhn (or the EEI staffer who wrote the letter with his name on it) plays fast and loose with the facts.

Thomas R. Kuhn, president of Edison Electric Institute, responds to Newsweek.

Major Phillips and Captain Kuhn rode outside the pickets late in the evening.

The Colonel having dropped asleep in the meantime, the matter was referred to Major Kuhn.

It is singularly in accordance with Dr. Kuhn's interpretation of the myth now under consideration.

In a Vedic incantation, translated by Dr. Kuhn, this death-dealing power of the mistletoe is ascribed to a branch of the asvattha.

Dr. Kuhn says in several parts of Westphalia, at Shrovetide, cows' horns are decorated with white besoms with white handles.