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[koo-prin; Russian koo-pryeen]
  1. A·le·xan·der I·va·no·vich [al-ig-zan-der i-vah-nuh-vich, -zahn-; Russian uh-lyi-ksahndr ee-vah-nuh-vyich] /ˌæl ɪgˈzæn dər ɪˈvɑ nə vɪtʃ, -ˈzɑn-; Russian ʌ lyɪˈksɑndr iˈvɑ nə vyɪtʃ/, 1870–1938, Russian novelist and short-story writer.
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Historical Examples

  • One can judge by these summaries how little Kuprin "pads" his stories.

    Contemporary Russian Novelists

    Serge Persky

  • The work of Kuprin contrasts strongly with the writings of his predecessors and of his contemporaries.

  • Kuprin's soul, on the contrary, is of such exquisitely fine texture that all human emotions vibrate there.

  • Kuprin's objective tendencies are best shown in his story called "Peaceful Life."