[ koo r-gahn, -gan ]
/ kʊərˈgɑn, -ˈgæn /


a circular burial mound constructed over a pit grave and often containing grave vessels, weapons, and the bodies of horses as well as a single human body; originally in use in the Russian Steppes but later spreading into eastern, central, and northern Europe in the third millennium b.c.

Origin of kurgan

1885–90; < Russian kurgán burial mound, Old Russian, apparently to be identified with kurganŭ fortress < Turkic; compare Turkish, Tatar kurğan, Chagatai, Kazakh korğan fortress, castle

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[ koo r-gahn; Russian koor-gahn ]
/ kʊərˈgɑn; Russian kurˈgɑn /


a city in the S Russian Federation in Asia, near the Ural Mountains.
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/ (Russian kurˈɡan) /


a city in W Russia, on the Tobol River: industrial centre for an agricultural region. Pop: 344 000 (2005 est)
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