/ (ˈkuːrɪ) /

noun plural -ris

Also called: goorie NZ a mongrel dog
NZ slang an unpleasant or unpopular person

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Examples from the Web for kuri

  • They thought to make the name of Kuri strike against the skies; but in the morning the sea is covered with war canoes.

    Old New Zealand|Earl of Pembroke.
  • Two principal groups are distinguished, the Kuri archipelago in the south, and the Buduma in the north.

  • This Kuri was a younger sister of the other, and she gave a like blessing to Lelha before he released her horse.

    Santal Folk Tales|A. Campbell
  • From Kuri, the naval station, we can hear the thunder of the guns which are in constant practice.

    Lady of the Decoration|Frances Little