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[koo ch-in]
noun, plural Kutch·ins, (especially collectively) Kutch·in for 1.
  1. a member of a group of North American Indians who live in the region of the lower Mackenzie River in northwestern Canada and the Yukon and Porcupine rivers of northeastern Alaska.
  2. the Athabaskan language of the Kutchin.
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Origin of Kutchin

1930–35; < Kutchin gwičin people of, dwellers at (the place specified), occurring as the final element in the names of local bands, and misunderstood as a designation for all Kutchin
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Historical Examples

  • Other North American examples are the Kutchin, who have always possessed the system of totems.

    Myth, Ritual, and Religion, Vol. 1

    Andrew Lang

  • Crossing over to the country drained by the Yukon, we find the great Kutchin nation and to their north-east the Kenai.

  • The Kutchin make pretty pipe-stems out of goose-quills wound about with porcupine-quills.