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  • If Ky had any wits about him, he'd never try the Hanging Marshes a night like this.

    Labrador Days

    Wilfred Thomason Grenfell

  • To her he imparted the information that the "'ky had fell, an' it was a dirty 'ky."

  • "Don' ky," he said, pulling away her hand to kiss her cheek.

    Elsie's children

    Martha Finley

  • Alki is an Indian word pronounced with the accent on the first syllable, which is al as in altitude; ki is spoken as ky in silky.

    Blazing The Way

    Emily Inez Denny

  • "An' all 'e fevvers is tummin' down fum 'e 'ky," shouted Jamie at the top of his voice.

    The Right Knock

    Helen Van-Anderson

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Cayman Islands



Nguyen Kao (əŋ ˈɡuːjɛn ˈkaʊ). 1930–2011, Vietnamese military and political leader; premier of South Vietnam (1965–67); vice president (1967–71)



abbreviation for

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