[ kee-eev, keev, Ukrainian, kyi-yif ]

  1. a city in and the capital of Ukraine, on the Dnieper River.

Origin of Kyiv

First recorded in 1805–10 with spelling Kiev; the spelling Kyiv was first recorded in 1950–55; Kiev from Russian Kíev, Kyiv from Ukrainian Kýiv, both from Old East Slavic Kyevŭ; of uncertain origin. Traditional (folk) etymology derives the name from Kyi, one of the legendary founders of the city; another etymology suggests that the name of the city was Sarmatian (Iranian) Kiovi Kii “heights, mountains,” and that its inhabitants, a Sarmatian tribe, were called Kivi “mountaineers”
  • Russian Ki·ev [kee-ev, kee-ev] /ˌkiˈɛv, ˈkiˌɛv/ .

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